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Polyjet 3D Printing


Prototypes and Appearance Models with Great Quality, Speed and Price!

Polyjet 3D Printing technology works by jetting photopolymer material layer by layer onto a build tray, until your CAD part is completed. Because each photopolymer layer is cured by UV light immediately after it’s jetted, it produces highly-detailed prototypes and parts that can be handled and used immediately, without post-curing.

Objet’s Polyjet Connex technology offers the unique ability to print parts and assemblies in multi-materials with an overmolding result offering parts with different mechanical properties (ie. Rubber material over ABS-like material) you can combine up to 14 different materials with unique mechanical properties that can provide a closer look, feel and function of the desired end-product.


PolyJet technology creates precision prototypes that set the standard for finished product realism. Its very thin print layers make complex shapes, fine details and smooth finished surfaces possible. Objet 3D Printers offer more material versatility than any other technology, including the ability to print multiple materials simultaneously.


  • Aesthetic Concept Models
  • RTV Molding Masters
  • Thermoforming Patterns
  • Visual Models
  • Clear Models
  • Rubber-like Prototypes
  • Over Molding
  • Injection Molding Inserts
  • Prototype Injection Tools


Fusion PM’s team of expert polyjet printing service providers will help place a high resolution, fine-detailed model into the hands of your designers, engineers or management.

Whether you need to evaluate a design concept, fit-check an assembly, or create a presentation model for sales and marketing, Fusion PM can help!

We have a wide range of materials for this technology, learn more here.