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Aluminium Extrusion Prototype


Aluminum Extrusion in low production volumen

Extrusion is a process used to create object by pushing material through a dye of the desired cross-section. It’s used at Fusion PM to produce prototype and low-volume production quantities of aluminum parts with dimensional +/- 0.005″ after secondary machinning process.


With its low weight to high strength ratio, aluminum extrusions are ideal for manufacturing components for aircrafts, cars, boats, subways, railway coaches, and trucks. This includes panels, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission houses, and chassis. This same light yet strong characteristic makes aluminum an optimal choice for manufacturing spacecraft bodies and parts.


Aluminum’s malleable qualities allow for more options in design and cost-effective production, it does not require any sacrifice in strength and durability in the end product. It is most often blended with other metals to form alloys, thus building on aluminum’s already remarkable range of attributes. This versatility is the basis for a multitude of products that can be created through aluminum extrusion.


It is very difficult to obtain prototypes of aluminum extrusions, however in Fusion PM, we provide solutions  if you are looking for an extrusion profile cut in a certain length and in low production volume. We can process Aluminum / 6061 and 6063 with the following finishes:

  • Anodized: chrome finishes ranging from light bronze to jet black
  • Sandblasting: bead blast textures
  • Polishing: bright shinny finishes
  • Powder Coating: metallic and lacquered finishes
  • Electroplating: abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection with aesthetic qualitie