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Professional experience and knowledge to provide you on-demand manufacturing from pre-development consulting or reverse engineering, testing models, prototyping until low-volume production.

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3D Metrology


Method used to analyze a newly manufactured part or to determine the rate of wear and deterioration on existing parts. This process highlights deviations between the 3D scan and the CAD model to identify surface features and other geometry when out of tolerance.


Our Keyence XM metrology equipment is a state-of-the-art equipment that’s a Scan to CAD to Print Analysis, it’s optical scanner measures with accuracies of +/- .0002” (0.007 mm). Allowing the highest detail resolution assessing the accuracy and quality of diverse physical parts and comparing them to data.

Utilizing well-defined work processes and industry-leading software we can perform Reverse Engineering / CAD Modelling Services.


If you have equipment or parts, but you don’t have the 3D model that matches, we have an experienced 3D design team that can create a solid mathematical 3D model. The outputs include popular types of software such as Solidworks.


We offer First Article Inspection reports to ensure that the production process of your items provides the desired results. Our first item inspections verify a variety of different variations in products that include distances between edges, hole positions, diameters and hole shapes.

We will provide you with a PDF report that contains detailed information about your critical tolerances. The report will contain images, diagrams and the numerical value of the measurement that indicates any tolerance discrepancy.